Our Story

Russian River Coffee Roasters is a team of passionate coffee enthusiasts. Together we have over 10 years experience in the world of coffee. Being housed in the back of Guerneville’s historic Coffee Bazaar puts us right in the middle of the action when it comes to specialty coffee in the Russian River Wine Country.


We are dedicated to delivering the best coffees available through daily, small batch roasting. We start by cupping samples of green beans sourced from around the world to find the highest quality beans available in the market. Next, we profile each roast to bring forward the potential character and nuance of each varietal and blend. We then cup every batch to assess the quality and flavor profile attributes that ensure a great cup, every time.


Our coffee is available at Coffee Bazaar in Guerneville, and at select partner locations. It is also available for sale online, and is always shipped within hours of roasting - in vacuum sealed bags - to ensure the very freshest product quality.


Our absolute passion for great coffee separates us from the crowd. We feel we produce an outstanding selection of coffees and we hope you will agree.


Always remember, life’s too short… “drink great coffee.”