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single origin: Cerrado

roast: medium

taste: macadamia nut, vanilla

mouth-feel: clean, smooth, bright

food pairing: greens, vegi dishes, white cake, apple pie


single origin: La Esparanza

roast: medium

taste: bright citric acidity; smokey undertones

mouth-feel: medium body; well rounded

food pairing: spicy/ethnic food, chili, bread pudding


single origin: Mandeling *ICO 

roast: medium

taste: earthy, woody, nutty

mouth-feel: heavy, complex

food pairing: cream sauces (alfredo), oatmeal, cereal w/milk

Russian River Blend

blend: French + Sumatra

roast: medium-dark

taste: bright, floral, heavy undertone

mouth-feel: full, well rounded

food pairing: meat+potatoes, cheese+eggs, pumpkin pie

Mokka Java

blend: Java + Ethiopia

roast: medium

taste: fruity, winey, chocolate

mouth-feel: light, bright, smooth

food pairing: fruity+nutty salad, lemon bar, sugary pastry


blend: French + Guatemala

roast: medium-dark

taste: complex, bright, smokey

mouth-feel: rich, bright, crisp

food pairing: red meat, danish


blend: Guatemala + Brazil

roast: dark

taste: smokey, bright, chocolate

mouth-feel: rich, smooth, clean finish

food pairing: italian pasta, chocolate cake 

Mexican Decaf

water processed: Elan

roast: dark

taste: bright, slightly spicy

mouth-feel: mild bodied

food pairing: seafood, cheetos, twinkies :)

All selections offered for sale at Coffee Bazaar

12oz. bag -  $11

Served Daily ~ 6am-8pm
Coffee Bazaar
14045 Armtrong Woods Rd.
Guerneville, CA 95446

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Please let us know if you have any questions our would like more information about our Artisan Roasted Coffees.


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